An easy, affordable alternative to institutional senior care.

We know that no one cares for family like family. So we designed an affordable senior living solution that gives the whole family what they want: independent lifestyles with the closeness you desire and the dignity you deserve. “Granny Pods” Allow Elderly Family Members to Live In a High-Tech Backyard Cottage.

Evernest is much more than a Granny Pod or Tiny Home. Evernest is an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU),which is defined in most zoning ordinances. While not every municipality allows ADUs, most do and it’s becoming a more common building type. Evernest is a comprehensive family caregiving solution that combines the closeness and privacy you want with the dignity your loved one deserves. In fact, several states have recently adopted special ordinances that specifically allow ADUs for healthcare purposes!

Evernest sits on a concrete foundation and can only be moved with specialized equipment. Evernest also includes proprietary design features and technology to ensure that residents can maintain their health and independence as they age.

A basic Evernest is 320 square feet, and takes up about the same amount of space as a standard two-car garage. However, Evernest is designed to feel much larger by making use of high ceilings, lots of windows and space-saving amenities. While Evernest is about the same size as an average hotel room, if you need more space we can expand your Evernest with additional modules.

There are many reasons healthcare at home is just as effective as institutional care: a mobile workforce of skilled caregivers, advanced telehealth and remote caregiving technology supporting the caregivers, and happy patients receiving care where they most prefer to be. The single reason that care at home is less expensive than institutional care is also its greatest opportunity: Home lets family care for family. (CONTINUE ARTICLE)

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