Best Texas Cities to Retire


It’s no wonder Texas is the best place to retire. Low costs, plenty of space, warm weather, exciting cities, lively college towns, charming small towns, and hundreds of interesting active adult communities are just some of the reasons why. Having no state income tax is another big plus. Texas, the Lone Star State, had an estimated 26 million people in 2013 and is growing very fast. Texas has friendly people and a slower pace of life that is easy to get used to. Austin is the capital city; there are several other large cities including Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston.
There are also many nice small towns and rural areas. The Wikipedia entry for Texas has more interesting facts.

Texas Climate

The Texas climate is humid-sub tropical, strongly influenced by the Gulf of Mexico. Summers are hot and humid with frequent thunderstorms. Winters are mild, particularly in southern Texas.

Texas Taxes

  • Tax Burden: Total tax burden in Texas is a very low 8.4% compared to the median rate for large U.S. cities. The state is ranked by the Tax Foundation as having the 43rd highest total state/local tax burden of the 50 states.
  • Marginal Income Tax Rates. Texas has no income tax.
  • Sales Tax: State sales tax is 6.25%, although city and county officials have the option to increase that to 8.25%.
  • Property Taxes: Texas property taxes are much higher than surrounding states. The state recently lowered property taxes in exchange for increasing taxes on cigarette and some business activities.
  • Estate and/or Inheritance Taxes. Texas has no inheritance or estate taxes.

Best Texas Cities to Retire

There is a number the “best Texas cities to retire” and all popular with active adults over 55. Austin is a livable city that enjoys the excitement of being host to the thriving University of Texas. San Antonio and its riverfront walk is a great town for retirement, attracting many people from the military. Houston, Dallas, and the Rio Grande Valley are all places that show up at the top of many “100 best places to retire” lists.


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