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Each year, the State inspects every Texas nursing home and prepares nursing home inspection reports (survey report) regarding nursing home violations. This report cites deficiencies found by state surveyors during inspections of the facilities. It describes these violations in detail and facility efforts to correct the problem. ALWAYS ASK the facility you would like to see their most recent nursing home inspection report.

If the documented problems show poor care of residents, incompetent staff, a callous attitude by management or if a facility took too long to correct problems, you probably do not want your loved one there. Sometimes, poor care creates new problems. For example, unanswered call lights can lead to urinary incontinence when a person needs help going to the bathroom.

By law, nursing homes must make these and other compliance reports available to you. The facility must provide an accessible and well-lit place for you to review the documents. The facility must also post a notice informing you that these documents are available. If the facility fails to meet any of these requirements during your visit, notify the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services.

Remember, facilities are often at their best when the State inspects them. Unannounced visits by family members often show a complete view of the facilities cleanliness and environment.

Most Texas nursing homes have some violations; this does not necessarily mean the facility provides poor care. You will be more concerned about some violations than others.

Standards exist for several areas, including nursing care, quality of life, dietary services, physician services, rehabilitative services, infection control, pharmacy services, facility management and observation of resident rights. Violations of these standards are labeled by “F-tags” on the survey report. READ the specific allegations.

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