Texas Nursing Home Staffing Ratios

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Most of the day-to-day direct care that residents receive is from nurse aides with licensed nurses supplementing this care in good facilities. Walking with residents to the dining room; helping with eating, going to the bathroom, bathing, and dressing; cleaning up after accidents, or just saying a kind word – this assistance will probably be provided by a nurse aide.Nursing Home Resident

When a facility does not have enough aides, residents have to wait for attention. Often, they give up and get no help.

A nursing facility is required by law to maintain “sufficient staff to provide nursing and related services (1) in accordance with each resident’s plan of care; and (2) to obtain and maintain the physical, mental, and psychosocial functions of each resident at the highest practicable level, as determined by the resident’s assessment and plan of care.”

While no specific number or ratio is required, The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care concluded that minimally acceptable ratios of direct caregivers to residents, for three daily work shifts, are as follows:

  • Day Time: One direct caregiver to five residents
  • Evening: One direct caregiver to 10 residents
  • Night: One direct caregiver to 15 residents

It’s important to ask about nursing home staff-patient ratio rather than how many are scheduled to work. Be sure to ask about this ratio of aides or direct caregivers to residents, rather than how many are scheduled to work. A good facility will ensure adequate staffing and will make provisions for staff absences.

  • What is the ratio of nurse aides to residents for the day, evening and night shifts?
  • Is there a facility policy about this?
  • How often do you call temporary employees?”

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2 thoughts on “Texas Nursing Home Staffing Ratios

  1. Well every nursing home I’ve worked in here in texas I’ve always had 30 or more residents to care for on 10-6 shift. 2-10 shift it was more than 15. This is why cnas are always so stressed oh an underpaid. I wish it was better because these residents dont get the care they need an so many falls because theres only 2 aides at night that have 30 or more residents. That’s not fair to them.

    1. Texas unfortunately, is not known for providing great nursing home care, it’s a sad shame too. They don’t pay the cna’s enough, no insurance, therefore, huge turnover.

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